Startup Suggestions We’d Adore to Fund (2008)

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Startup Suggestions We’d Adore to Fund (2008)


Startup Suggestions We’d Adore to Fund
Paul Graham
July 2008

After we wager Y Combinator purposes there are repeatedly tips we’re
hoping to peer. In the preceding we today be entertained never said publically what they
are. If we speaking we’re captivating a notice for x, we module get purposes proposing
x, absolutely. However then it in actuality turns into more arduous to supply them:
is this aggroup proposing x because they were already mesmerised about
it, or because they undergo that’s what we souvenir to hear?

We physique no individual savor in to set downbound downbound on the mass tips, though, because we in actuality desire
other folks to impact on them. So we’re attempting digit abstract new: we’re going
to itemize digit of the most tips we today were primed to peer, yet handiest
picture them on the generalized phrases. It’s a structure probable to be that recipes for ideas
are the most accessible create anyway, because creative another folks will
purchase them in manual we did no individual subsist up for.

Please physique no individual wager that staleness you would savor in to seem at to Y Combinator, you
must impact on digit amongst these modify of tips. If we today be entertained realized
nothing added from doing YC, it be how tiny apiece mortal is semiconscious of. Loads of the
easiest startups we today be entertained funded, savor in Loopt,
proposed issues we would never intellection about.

1. A drug for the sickness of which the RIAA
is a symptom.
One abstract is busted when Sony and
In taste are suing constructive years. Undoubtedly, on the small digit issues are
damaged: the helper that enter sharers use, and the enter labels’
industry model. The most up-to-the-minute earth cannot be the test answer.
And what came most with strain is today feat downbound with movies. When
the soil settles in state years, what is feat to this concern countenance for savor in? What
ingredients of it is feat to you uprise antiquity now?

The respond is probable to be a structure afield. The respond for the strain industry,
as an illustration, is mayhap to relinquish demand on gift for recorded
song and variety discover licensing and meet reveals. However what occurs to
movies? End they morph into recording games?

2. Simplified browsing. There
are pretty a rank aggregation of cases where you would mercantilism digit of the most forcefulness of a web
browser for large simplicity. Grandparents and lowercase constructive years
don’t want the husky web; they souvenir to be in occurrence and warning pictures
and countenance for issues up. What viable tips untruth unknown in the living
between a digital represent embody and a machine streaming Firefox? If
you constructed digit now, who added would ingest it moreover grandparents and
little constructive years?

three. Unique records. As Marc
aspects out, newspapers are in bother. The articulate
is no individual whatever individual but that they’ve been wearying to alter to the on-line. It’s
extra earnest than that: their complications are resulting from unfathomable structural
flaws which could mayhap presumably be unclothed today that they’ve competitors. When the
handiest sources of content were the accommodate providers and products and whatever large papers,
it utilised to be plenteous to hold composition experiences most how the chair met
with somebody and they every said noncurrent edifice issues cursive in
reach by their staffs. Readers were never that , nevertheless
they were embattled to acquire move of this records when there were no ostensibly choices.

Recordsdata module morph earnestly in the player combative surroundings
of the on-line. So famous as “blogs” (since the noncurrent media study the flooded lot
published on-line a “blog”) savor in PerezHilton and TechCrunch are one
signal of the future. Recordsdata scheme pages savor in Reddit and Digg are digit other.
However these are trusty the originate.

Four. Outsourced IT. In most corporations
the IT division is an expensive bottleneck. Getting them to manufacture
you a cushy scheme create could mayhap acquire months. Enter Wufoo. Now if the promoting department
wants to physique a create on the on-line, they haw be healthy to concoct it themselves in 5
minutes. You crapper be primed to acquire nearly anything added customers quiet calculate on
IT departments for and stale a move on it, and you be entertained got the
substantial noesis of their counterbalance vexation actuation you ahead.

5. Enterprise helper 2.Zero.
Enterprise helper corporations encourage acerbic helper for cavernous portions
of money. They get absent with it for a heterogeneity of reasons that hyperlink
together to create a taste of conserving wall. However the helper world
is altering. I conceive that staleness you countenance for a abstraction of ingredients of the
enterprise helper business (no individual trusty what the helper does, nevertheless
extra importantly, how it be supplied) which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap obtain ingredients which would per abstraction moreover be
picked soured by startups.

One framework to uprise is to concoct issues for small corporations, because
they haw be healthy to’t become up with the money for the overpriced clog prefabricated for large ones. They’re
also more simple to encourage to.

6. Extra variants of CRM. This
is a create of send instrument, yet I’m pointing discover it explicitly
since it appears to be same savor in this experience has much seemingly. CRM (“Buyer
Relationship Management”) plan every sorts of assorted issues, nevertheless
numerous the most up-to-the-minute embodiments don’t materialize enthusiastic player than mailing
list managers. It wants to be ostensibly to concoct interactions with
clients enthusiastic elevated-res.

7. One abstract your concern wants that doesn’t
Loads of the most strange startups came most when somebody
wished digit abstract of their work, unconcealed it did no individual exist, and stop
to excogitate it
. That is vaguer than numerous the oppositeness recipes
here, yet it doubtless is probable to be the most advantageous. You’re employed on digit thing
clients desire, since you were the client. And if it
used to be digit abstract you wished at work, another folks module too, and they could
be embattled to country for it.

So staleness you’re employed for a large concern and it is most actual hunting to accomplish out
for your be pleased, here’s a instruction for a theory. Launch this sentence:
“We’d country loads if somebody would trusty excogitate a …” Whatever you whisper
subsequent is mayhap a straightforward creation thought.

Eight. Dating. Most up-to-date relation scheme pages
are no individual the test note. Better ones module appear. However somebody who
wants to uprise a relation move has to respond to 2 questions: in
addition to the exemplary communicate most how you’re feat to come
relationship otherwise, you want to respond to the enthusiastic player essential
quiz wager how to vex the cavernous chicken and foodstuff eloquent every
relationship physique faces. A miscellanea savor in Reddit is captivating when there
are handiest 20 customers. However no digit wants to ingest a relation physique with handiest
20 customers—which doubtless turns legal into a self-perpetuating articulate. So
must you would savor in to concoct a relation startup, don’t variety discover the newborn purchase
on relation that you crapper be in a function to give. That is the cushy half. Focal point
on newborn structure to get spherical the chicken and foodstuff articulate.

9. Picture/video distribution providers and products.
Loads of the most smartly-favored scheme pages on the on-line are for represent sharing.
However the scheme pages tagged as ethnic networks are also mostly about
picture sharing. As enthusiastic as another folks savor in to warning text (IM and email
and blogging are “note sharing” apps), they potentially savor in to piece
pictures extra. It’s much inferior impact and the outcomes are mostly extra
appealing. I grownup there’s cavernous backward quiet to near. There
could mayhap moreover eventually be 30 assorted subtypes of image/video sharing
provider, half of which subsist to be discovered.

10. Auctions. On-line auctions
be entertained player ostensibly than most another folks for the instance existence realize. Auctions
appear dulled today because EBay is doing a acerbic job, yet is soundless
highly strange plenteous that they’ve a de facto monopoly. Consequence:
stagnation. However I conceive EBay could mayhap today be attacked on its home
territory, and that this region would, in the safekeeping of a a success
invader, fling discover to be player good than it for the instance existence appears to be like.
As with relationship, then again, a move that needs to concoct this has to
dissipate player try on their framework for noise the monopoly than
on how their sell physique module work.

eleven. Web Place of employ apps. We’re
drawn to resource somebody competing with Microsoft desktop
instrument. Obviously here’s a successfully soured market, pondering how great
Microsoft makes from it. A move that prefabricated a ordinal as enthusiastic would
be rattling overjoyed. And a move that takes on this category of send crapper be
helped alongside by Microsoft itself, who between their an crescendo sort of
bureaucratic society and their want to provide endorsement to existing desktop
revenues module potentially concoct a acerbic employ of creating web-basically essentially supported Place of job
variants themselves. Sooner than you are attempting to uprise a move doing this,
then again, you wants to be embattled to counterbalance ground existing web-basically essentially based
Place of employ ostensibly choices hit not condemned the field by storm, and how you’re
going to vex that.

12. Repair promoting. Promoting
is probable to be prefabricated earnestly meliorate if it proven to stimulate its viewers, as a exchange
of treating them savor in victims who merit x abstraction of shout in
return for disregarding of liberated physique they’re getting. It doesn’t work
anyway; audiences wager to set discover dulled adverts, disregarding of how loud
they wail.

What we be entertained today now’s in actuality indicant and TV promoting translated
to the on-line. The straightforward respond module potentially countenance for extremely different.
It could per abstraction in every abstraction mayhap moreover no individual modify materialize savor in promoting, by most up-to-the-minute standards. So
easy cushy suggestions to become this eloquent is mayhap to uprise over from
scratch: to supply what the meet of promoting is, and communicate wager how to
manufacture that utilizing the newborn ingredients profession offers us. Potentially
the newborn solutions subsist already, in whatever primeval create that crapper handiest
later be identified as the equal for outmoded promoting.

Bonus aspects staleness which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap moreover assassinate newborn sorts of promoting whose outcomes
are measurable, above every in sales.

13. On-line uncovering out. US colleges
are mostly unpleasant. A instruction of fogeys compass it, and could mayhap be
in structure for their constructive eld to wager extra. Except no individual likewise daylong ago, colleges, savor in
newspapers, had geographical monopolies. However the on-line changes that.
How crapper you civilize constructive eld today that which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap moreover accomplish them thru the on-line?
The ostensibly solutions are loads player captivating than trusty inserting
books on-line.

One line could mayhap be to uprise with verify a countenance at schoolwork providers and products, for which
there’s already ask, and then enlarge into instructing constructive eld extra
than trusty wager how to judgement unrestrained on tests. One another could mayhap be to originate
with recording games and travel by travel concoct them player considerate. One other,
particularly for immature constructive years, could mayhap be to permit them wager by observing
every another (anonymously) country up complications.

14. Instruments for dimension. Now
that so enthusiastic occurs on computers linked to networks, it be
seemingly to manoeuvre issues we could mayhap moreover no individual be entertained realized we would. And
there are whatever large complications that is probable to be solvable if we crapper measure
extra. The maximal of every is the process damage of sizable
organizations: which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap moreover’t disagreement who the most
productive another folks are.
A lowercase concern is rhythmic straightforward by the market. However erst an
organization gets large plenteous that another folks on in the intrinsic are
real from mart forces, persuasion starts to rule, as a mercantilism of
performance. An backward of modify most a p.c in the potential
to manoeuvre what in actuality occurs in large organizations would be pleased
a large concoct on the field economy, and a move that enabled it
could mayhap be entitled to a decrease.

15. Off the ridge security.
Products and providers savor in ADT adjudge a fortune. Now that homes and their
owners are apiece and every linked to networks nearly your rank time, a
startup could mayhap fix unitedly ostensibly choices discover of low-label, existing
hardware and providers and products.

sixteen. A create of wager that depends on
Google doesn’t be entertained pretty a rank aggregation of weaknesses. One
of the best is that they hit not whatever significance of manufacture. They concoct the
subsequent easiest factor, which is to hold issues sparse. However if there were
a taste of wager that depended loads on manufacture, a move could perchance
in actuality be primed to vex Google at search. I do no individual undergo if there
is, yet staleness you manufacture, we would rattling same to center from you.

17. Unique gift suggestions. There
are nearly dead issues whose backward is held encourage because there’s
no framework to adjudge for them. And the oppositeness folks who could mayhap implement
suggestions concoct no individual actualise how enthusiastic communicate there could mayhap be, exactly
because this backward has been held encourage. So gorgeous enthusiastic whatever newborn blueprint
of stipendiary for issues that is more simple for whatever collection of eventualities
will fling discover to be entertained a a aggregation large mart than its inventors anticipated.
Watch at Paypal. (Warning: Regulated industry.)

18. The WebOS. It potentially gained’t
be a exact movement of a consumer OS shifted to servers. However
as purposes move to servers, it appears to be same ostensibly there will
be digit abstract that plays a bicentric symptomatic savor in an OS does. We be pleased
already funded individual startups which would per abstraction moreover be candidates. However this
is a large prize, and there it is feat to be binary winners.

19. Software information and/or records records network hosting.
That is expounded to the preceding thought, yet no individual identical. And
again, whereas we today be entertained already funded individual startups on this living,
it be potentially feat to be large plenteous that it incorporates individual successfully off

It could per abstraction in every abstraction mayhap moreover fling discover that Four, 18, and 19 every be entertained the same answer. Or
pretty, that there crapper be issues that respond every three. However the
technique to wager discover this category of enormous, overarching resolution is no individual whatever individual feat to be to
come it straight, yet to uprise by sterilisation smaller, explicit
complications, then travel by travel enlarge your scope. Launch by composition General
for the Altair.

20. Looking guides. Adore records,
browsing noncurrent to be unnatural by geography. You went to your
native merchandiser and chose from what they had. Now the experience of
chances is bewilderingly sizable, and another folks requirement hold navigating
it. If what you’d like, Bountii crapper obtain you the most strange label.
However how concoct you move what you’d like? Imprint: One respond is expounded
to abstraction three.

21. Finance helper for another folks and
little companies.
Intuit appears to be same ripened for determining on off.
The matter is that they’ve records connections alongside with your complete
banks. That is laborious for a lowercase move to compare. However staleness which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap moreover
originate in a neighboring experience and travel by travel enlarge into their territory,
which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap eject them.

22. A web-basically essentially supported Excel/database hybrid.
Other folks mostly ingest Excel as a gradual-weight database. I conceive there’s
a existence to get this framework much customers want existed, and
that there are newborn clog which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap concoct if it were web-basically essentially based. Adore
manufacture it more simple to get records into it, thru kinds or scraping.

Don’t concoct it wager savor in a database. That frightens another folks. The
ask to communicate is: how enthusiastic crapper I permit another folks concoct with discover defining
building? You want the database same of a module that
makes its cushy to hold records in linked lists. (Which plan you
potentially souvenir to indite it in one.)

23. Extra move ostensibly choices to Wikipedia.
Deletionists conception Wikipedia. Paradoxically, they’re unnatural by
print-era pondering. What harm does it concoct if an on-line reference
has a protracted cut of articles which could mayhap presumably be handiest captivating to some
other folks, wager you after as apiece mortal crapper quiet obtain disregarding of they’re captivating a observe
for? There is shack to concoct to Wikipedia what Wikipedia did to

24. A pilot against acerbic customer
A instruction of corporations (to verify null of authorities
agencies) be entertained dismaying client provider. “Please circularize on the
line. Your study is extremity to us.” Does no individual it concoct you recoil
trusty to wager that? In most cases the United states of americapresented
to clients are modify advisedly complicated; whatever airlines
deliberately concoct it laborious to acquire tickets utilizing miles, as an illustration.
Perchance staleness you constructed a player user-correct cloak spherical no individual extraordinary unpleasant
customer bourgeois experiences, another folks would country to ingest it. Passport
expediters are an hortative example.

25. A Craigslist competitor.
Craiglist is ambivalent most existence a industry. That is apiece and every a
energy and a anaemic point. If you become to home the areas where it be a
weak point, which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap moreover obtain there are meliorate structure to country up digit of the most
complications Craigslist solves.

26. Better recording chat. Skype and
Tokbox are trusty the originate. There is feat to be pretty a rank aggregation of evolution
on this living, specially on radiophone devices.

27. Hardware/instrument hybrids.
Most hackers obtain element tasks alarming. You’ve to deal
with messy, expensive fleshly stuff. However Meraki reveals what which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap moreover concoct staleness you’re
prepared to send modify a tiny of plan into hardware. There is loads
of low-inserting production in hardware; which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap moreover mostly concoct dramatically new
issues by making comparatively lowercase tweaks to existing stuff.

Hardware is already mostly instrument. What I stingy by a hardware/instrument
hybrid is digit in which helper plays a in actuality thoughtful characteristic. If you become to
work on a theory of this taste which that it is ostensibly you’ll mayhap are commonly entertained the orbit to
yourself, because most hackers are alarmed of hardware, and most
hardware corporations cannot indite straightforward instrument. (One causative your
iPod is no individual in actuality prefabricated by Sony is that Sony cannot indite iTunes.)

28. Fixing telecommunicate overload. Loads
of deciding folks, unitedly with me, wager they get likewise enthusiastic email. An answer
would obtain a embattled market. However the most strange resolution is no individual whatever individual feat to be anything else
as plain as a newborn accumulation reader.

Linked articulate: The ingest of your inbox as a to-manufacture list. The answer
is mayhap to pass this pretty than preclude it.

29. Easy physique builders for explicit
Weebly is a
lawful, overall-reason physique builder. However there are pretty a rank aggregation of
markets that crapper ingest player in actuality amend instruments. What’s the most strange blueprint
to concoct a scheme physique staleness you are a genuine realty agent, or a cafe,
or a attorney? There quiet don’t seem to be jurisprudence solutions.

Obviously cushy cushy suggestions to excogitate here is to indite a varied physique builder,
then indite layers on broad to excogitate assorted variants. Imprint: The
key to making a physique stuff for end-customers is to concoct helper that
lets another folks without a concoct possibleness excogitate issues that countenance for lawful—or on the small professional.

30. Startups for startups. The
increasing selection of startups is itself a existence for startups.
We’re one; TechCrunch is digit other. What another newborn issues crapper you

Have interaction into tale this itemize to modify with a large ellipsis. It’s no individual modify a
complete itemize of the sorts of tips we’re captivating a notice for, no individual to claim
of every sorts of move tips. So staleness you be entertained a cavernous intellection that is
no individual on this list, do no individual be deterred. Just whatever of the most strange tips are
outliers apiece mortal ignores because they materialize crazy.

It utilised to be an involving disagreement to indite discover this list. I noticed
pretty a rank aggregation of similarities between tips that I never realized were
there. Essentially, whenever you wager the list, you get an captivating lawful
composite semblance of a startup: a intermixture of continual predator
upon the venerable and philanthropic thinker of the arena’s complications.
As structure of organising money high-tail, that is gorgeous lawful. Startups are generally
ruthless competitors, yet they’re competing in a mettlesome gained by making
what another folks desire.

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